Nimble, stylish and a joy to ride - a tale of just what might have been

July 5, 2016
With the high-level exhausts on the other side of the machine, this unobscured view of Tony's Triumph Bandit emphasises the size of the engine in relation to the smallish frame.

Despite there being a lot of common components for the entire BSA and Triumph range, including the Bandit and Fury, there are many unique parts on the P30.

Luckily, one of my first successes in The Quest was finding a BSA Fury parts book. Gold! Pure gold! With this, I could work out which parts were specific to the 350 twin and which parts I could nip down to the local Triumph dealer to pick up.

Being the early 1980s, the internet didn’t exist, and nor in my case did personal computers, so all this was done on spreadsheets using a pen.

My adverts in the bike press were slowly getting results, and I accumulated plenty of literature, if only a few parts.

However, information is power, so it’s said, and I began to get an idea of where parts might be.

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