Nev Mason book review

Tim Britton
October 9, 2014
Author's passion for two wheels shouts from every page

His self published book – 100% - takes its title from the author’s belief that, in order to be successful it takes 100% effort. This ethos is evident right through the book be it in connection with his business dealings or his motorcycle sports activities.

Nev’s  introduction to motorcycling came through his father’s involvement in speedway and as a motorcycle trader in those heady post WWII days when earning a living in the motor trade took a bit of nerve. It seems his father had such nerve in bucket loads and Nev inherited the gene. From his own dealings with second hand British bikes to importing Russian made machines, sponsoring MX riders and designing boats it is clear Nev Mason knows how to cut a deal. Two things come across in the pages of this book, first the author’s passion for all things two wheels and second is here’s a man who makes things happen. This book isn’t a great literary work, rather it is written as spoken by the subject. Did I enjoy it? Yes, I did. Will it encourage me to dip into the other books by Nev, in particular the DIRT KIDS, a tale of two families involvement in scrambling from 1950s to 2000s. You bet!

Where do you get them? Email or visit Nev's website:

What’s the cost? £11.95 for the autobiography and £4.95 for each of the four DIRT KIDS books. bike

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