Le Mans alike

February 29, 2016
One joy of more modern motorcycles is that it clearly is no sin to cut 'n' paste to achieve the style you like.

BEFORE YOU BUY your next bike, it really helps if you know exactly what you want.

Sounds obvious, eh? But that’s not how a lot of us roll. We’re spontaneous. Risk-takers.

Possibly somewhat soft in the head. We see the pretty pictures, fall hopelessly in lust, hit the buy-it-now button and spend the rest of the summer with a bad case of buyer’s regret, saddled with a motorcycle that might be absolutely ideal for something else… but which ain’t right for the task at hand.

So you need to know not only what floats your boat from the ‘phwoar’ perspective, but how that fits with your actual motorcycling and your actual mechanicking ability.

Your heart might say ‘Tangerine Dream’ but your head and your wallet might prefer a Street Twin – and you could clock up many more miles in the saddle on the latter…

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