Blue Style meets blue yonder

June 1, 2015
Little donkey... the Jawa/Velorex outfit takes a rest amid the magnificent scenery of the Lake District.

This month’s ‘Bit on the Side’ was going to be quite different before I decided to consign it to the waste basket – and what changed my mind was respect for a little bike that, if it were a donkey so heavily laden, would have been the subject of TV adverts calling for an end to the cruelty.

The bike in question is the Jawa 350 and Velorex sidecar.

It’s a 10-year-old ‘Blue Style’ model which, to the best of my knowledge, has had the chair fitted from new and was modified by David Angel of F2 Motorcycle as his own personal transport.

“I just like it,” he said, “but you need it more than I” were his words when we enquired about buying it.

Anyone who’s dealt with David knows that his bike prep is probably as good as it gets, so I reasoned that, if it was good enough for him, then it would be good enough for us. 

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